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Sweaty Eddie

There once was a man named Eddie 

He really enjoyed eating spaghetti

But one unique thing about Eddie

He truly got overly sweaty

One day his friends told Eddie

Hey dude you really do get sweaty

And those pits that are so sweaty 

They could fill up a whole Yeti

Friends said Eddie you are a sweaty man

Eddie said sorry it's just my sweaty glands

I even pour sweat from my clammy hands 

You could fill it up and sell it in cans 

When his body sweat it was intense 

But Eddie thought it smelled like incense 

Yet no one ever came to Eddie's defense 

Especially when he offered his two scents

Sometimes his armpits he would blow

Poor folks around him would duck and go low

Still his friends told him a long time ago

Hands down Eddie your the best friend we know

One day Eddie died or so one presumes

They buried him outside by the tombs 

But by his grave were these armpit fumes

And above his grave grew mushrooms

And by his headstone were much fungi

His friends sat and pondered how and why

Morels flourished after Eddie would die

I guess it was because he was such a fun guy

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