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Tattletales in New York

In New York, you can make $87.50 for every vehicle you record idling for more than three minutes. Just record a vehicle idling for three minutes and upload it to the Department of Environmental Protection. One man made $70,000 in a year tattling on other citizens. Former mayor De Blasio tried to publicize the law which is called the Citizens Air Complaint Program.

If you visit New York to go sightsee

You better not idle or you'll pay a fee

If you take a walk through Times Square

You may find some tattletales there

Reporting other citizens is not off limits You can make 87.50 in only three minutes

Use your cell phone and be a tattletale And then get check sent to you in the mail

A city that can't keep criminals in jail Now rewards clean air tattletales

In New York you don't have to be thrifty When in minutes you can make 87.50

Here come the vigilantes of clean air

They are lurking here or hiding there

And in that city that never sleeps The left agenda throughout it sweeps

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