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Terror in Tenerife

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

There comes a testimony Out of much sorrow and grief In the Canary Islands On the island of Tenerife

In March 1977 Death to many came faster 583 died In the worst air disaster

In the shadow of a volcano The airport did dwell Mt. Teide has been nicknamed The mountain of hell

Two 747's One pilot's fateful decision Ended in tragedy In a runway collision

On the KLM jet All 248 died On the Pan Am jet Only 61 survived

A man Norman Williams Was one of the 61 Supernaturally protected Whose time on earth was not done

Massive explosions Situation looked dire Surrounded by flames But not consumed by the fire

Passengers in front of him Passengers to the side Friends behind him They all burned and died

When suddenly slammed down By hurling debris He remembered the Word Words of Isaiah 43

Isaiah 43 verse 2 He had once learned Through the fire you will walk But you will not be burned

Cried out to Jesus As the cabin turned black Spotted a hole in the ceiling As he lay there on his back

How could he get there? The ceiling was too high Suddenly he found himself there Suddenly he was outside

Raptured for a moment Translated in time God took him to the opening He did not have to climb

Norman felt God's presence Felt something from heaven Supernaturally got him out Out of that 747

Landed on the wing Then jumped 35 feet Shattered his ankle When the ground he did meet

Hurried from the wreckage Forced his body in motion Got only 50 feet away And then two final explosions

We will all go through fire We will all go through grief But remember Norman Williams In his hours at Tenerife

He walked through the flames And stood on God's Word Through all the shock and confusion His prayers were heard

Even in this challenging time We turn over a new leaf But even in our fire God is in our Tenerife

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