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Thank God for the Fleas

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

(The Story about Betsie and Corrie Ten Boom)

Two sisters from Holland In their divine calling Knew God in the present When life was not pleasant

Fear they did not choose When they harbored the Jews Believed God and His Book Though imprisoned in Ravensbruck

A cruel concentration camp Barracks full of reeking straw Nausea swept over them Hundreds of women they saw

A house of suffering Not a place of ease Jammed in the barracks Full of biting fleas

To answered prayer Betsie had the keys She bowed her head And thanked God for the fleas

She knew God's Spirit She drank from the fountain She thanked Him in the valley And she praised Him on the mountains

And because of the fleas Guards stayed far away They had freedom to worship And freedom to pray

Many prisoners found God It was not just by chance Because Betsie thanked God In all her circumstance

And so when life brings thorns And gives you tests you never chose In the middle of those thorns Lies a beautiful rose

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