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That Old Blue Mask

I have an old blue mask

Actually a few I possess

I bought that old blue mask

Three years ago at CVS

Yes it looked stupid 

But I did not choose vanity 

I knew with that blue mask 

I was saving humanity

If ever I would cough

Or if ever I would sneeze

No germs would pass through 

I think Dr. Fauci agreed

I'm sure I saved many lives 

I saved them near and far

I'm always reminded of that

When someone masks alone in their car

I chose the color blue for my mask

Because a racist mask would be white

So I thought blue would be ok

In joining the Covid fight 

At times I would be rebellious 

And pull it down below my nose 

Sometimes I'd get dirty looks 

If my nose I would expose 

One time it slid down my face 

And yes naked was my nose 

Suddenly the mask police showed up 

This stranger became my foe

This 20 year old got angry at me

With his words he was direct

He told me where to go

And said a word that started with F

I'm like Dude I'm outside 

At a rest area in North Carolina

This guy tried to ruin my day

I guess I also blame that on China

One thing about that old blue mask

It just gives me great peace

So I keep that mask in my backpack

Until the next virus they release

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