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The "Adonijah" Ministry

1 Kings 1

If you look in the church you just might see

A fleshly Adonijah ministry

Adonijah declared "I will be king"

A self promoted kingdom he would bring 

Adonijah randomly guessed at God's will

And then assumed the Spirit would come and fill

Adonijah was called but was not chosen

He lives today in the church of the frozen

The church can shout aloud and have a parade

But that doesn't alter what man has made

Today have you seen Pastor Adonijah?

A substitute for a true Elijah 

Are we satisfied with church as a form

A church lacking fire and sadly lukewarm 

Form of godliness that denies the power

Talk of revival but void of a shower

Are we weary with what the flesh has made?Are we finished with Adonijah's parade?

The church of self must move out of the way

Time for us to hear what God has to say

Adonijahs are everywhere in the church 

For God's heart we must diligently search 

Enough of Adonijah's arrival

The church must have Solomons revival 

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1 Comment

Oct 05, 2022

"talk of revival but void of a shower"---soo good wow

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