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The Belching Cows of New Zealand

New Zealand's government angers its farmers by proposing to tax cow burps.

I read the news today and I got a weird feelin

They were talking about cow burps in New Zealand 

How can they get away with taxing cow burps?Will New Zealand soon tax when a  bird chirps?

Honestly I have to say I was really shocked man

When I heard this stupid news coming from Auckland

If I was malicious and didn't like my farmer neighbor 

I could devise a plan to add tax on their labor 

In the night I would pour Coke in a cow trough

And then laugh as those cows would burp and cough 

I never have heard a dairy cow burp before 

But these gassy cows belching we cannot ignore

Sure we have war, division and political unrest

But cows belching immediately needs to be addressed 

Someday I will go visit the belching cows of New Zealand

And I have to wonder if they will soon tax the pigs squealing 

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