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The Broad Path That Leads to Construction

In Georgia, on February 9th an impatient driver got out of his vehicle when traffic became blocked. He grabbed his gun and pointed it at construction workers who were directing traffic so they could deliver some lumber. He finally got back into his vehicle but shot himself in the hand when he tried to reholster. 

Impatient drivers everwhere

What have we become

But this one impatient driver

Was a real dumb dumb 

This man was getting angry

In traffic he felt encumbered

But here were some workers

Just trying to deliver their lumber 

He couldn't wait any longer 

With traffic he was done

So he reached in his glove box 

And he pulled out his gun 

He pointed it at the workers 

And yelled out his demand

Then he went back to his car

And shot himself in the hand

He fled away quickly 

He drove himself to an ER

He had to explain to the doc

How He shot himself in the car

The moral of this dumb story 

Is be patient with obstructions

Yet aome will continue to be fools

On the path that leads to construction 

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