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The Building Fund Trap

If I became a modern day pastor I might be shunned

Because I might be tempted to start a building fund 

I could tell the churchgoers they are the missing peg

Then I could use the Word of God to help me beg

Bringing your best gift forward I could describe 

Then I could offer free iPads to assist in my bribe 

Appeals and begging could become my new hobby

Because we would somehow reach souls by having a new lobby 

Millions of dollars raised or whatever its worth 

I could create this modern church paradise on earth 

Then I could tell people they would be blessed

Only if they donate their very very best 

I could tell them all to give without measure 

If we get the new sound system there will be eternal treasure 

Or if they gave enough we would rejoice in the news 

We could get a coffee shop and call it "Hebrews"

I could tell them if they give another giver will match 

Yes that might make some heads scratch 

The giver would match their gift so it's like giving double

I could do my best to keep church members in their bubble 

With my begging style some people would be loathing 

Because all I would be is a sheep in wolf's clothing 

Many pastors today fall into this building fund trap

And when I hear their pleas I want to go home and take a nap

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