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The Cage Door

The cage door is open but yet the canary remains inside 

The open door swings and pivots on its hinges 

Daring one to escape 

Daring one to step out

Daring one to fly

But the contrary canary remains in the cage

Content in its small little world 

The world of enclosure 

Embracing claustrophobia 

Stuck in its box

Open doors can be missed because of closed minds 

The cage door of opportunity

Opportunity missed 

Missed potential 

Open doors lead to the danger of an unknown world 

The cage door remains open 

Will we see it as open or will we see it as closed?

Or will we be closed to it being open?

The caged canary was closed in its mind 

No threat of escape

No need to close the cage 

In his mind he believed and therefore he was

Freedom was inches away yet miles apart 

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