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The Cardinal Sin

Regarding the woman who claims she identifies as a Cardinal

I saw a woke woman

She identifies as a bird

She tweets and she tweets

So all of us have heard

Twos on her Twitter page

Oh she chirps and chirps

But I'm really not so sure

She travels off to work

A woman as a cardinal?

Next will be a canary

And this cardinals gender

Well it's non-binary

Was this bird Catholic?

Wrong Cardinal I guess

Now this wayward bird

The priests will not bless

Cardinals in the church?

Let's call up the Pope

Are they truly birds

Just attempting to cope?

She's figuring out life

She's coming to terms

But please will you tell me

Does she snack on worms?

I remember as a kid

I'd pretend to be a dog

I would moo like a cow

Or ribbit like a frog

But one day I grew up

It took longer than it should

I knew I wasn't an animal

I finally had understood

Yes she has a bird brain

I don't get this mentality

It seems some of our youth

Do not live in reality

Don't be snapping at me

Don't label me a hater

Unless you now identify

As an alligator

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