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The Choppy Waters of CHOP

Hear ye hear ye citizens of Chop So sad your country has to stop Too many shootings, people are dying Am I wrong? Was the media lying?

Wasn't Chop safe? Was there no warning? Or was it only dangerous at 3 in the morning? Too many shootings, too many fights Time to leave all you Antifa-ites

Hear ye hear ye all ye Choponians Are you all just a bunch of Oregonians? How many cheezy chips can a Chopite chomp? Chopites chomping and chomping in their swamp

Hey at least Chopites planted a garden for food Until it was destroyed by some homeless dudes Now over that garden area, you don't smell flowers It just smells like someone needs to take a shower

Mayor Durkin supports wherever you protesters roam Until of course you showed up at her home Why no welcome speech by the mayor? I guess she really doesn't like spray paint sprayers

Look I'm really not trying to debunk her But when they showed up did SHE go to her bunker? I think its time for Mayor Durkin to skedaddle Or make a new movie called "Clueless in Seattle"

Sorry Chopites I won't cry or sob I guess after all you might have to get a job Not a lot of social distancing I have seen Are you the ones spreading Covid-19?

Well you must be proud, anarchy to a new level Are you raising a monument of the Chazmanian devil? Tear down that wall! Take your hoodies off Goodbye Chop! Its time to close shop

Time to leave town just like the Sonics And maybe time for you to start "Hooked on Phonics" I guess after all we really need the police May Chaz or Chop now rest in peace

Yes in Seattle, Chop nation has to stall With liberty and justice and coffee for all

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