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The Chronicles of LaGuardia (The Silver Diaper)

Updated: Feb 12

In December, a man hid 17 bullets inside a disposable baby diaper at New York Laguardia's airport. The carry on bag triggered the alarm and he then told TSA his girlfriend put them there. 

There was a passenger who thought he was a sniper

He was hiding bullets inside of his sons diaper

That day at the security checkpoint it wasn't the dullest

It sure looked like this man's baby was sweating bullets

I'm sure his son might have had some diaper rash

Then he blamed his girlfriend for that diaper stash

He made up a story that he claimed to be true

Then he blamed his girlfriend when he didn't know what to do

Hopefully I am never stuck behind one of these dummies

Who thinks to hide bullets inside of his son's Huggies

People try to sneak stuff through that security screen

But it is kind of hard to do that with an X-ray machine 

My advice, be careful to double check your carry on bag 

Or you will be dealing with more than just jet lag

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1 Comment

Jan 22

I was never fond of changing diapers, but I would make an exception in this case! 🤣

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