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The Chronicles of LaGuardia Part II (The Monkey, the Hat and the Wardrobe)

Updated: Feb 12

In 2007, a man smuggled a monkey under his hat from Lima, Peru. He arrived in Fort Lauderdale, FL and had a two hour connection. He then was able to board his flight to New York Laguardia still hiding a monkey under his hat. It wasn't until halfway through the flight passengers noticed it. 

I heard a strange story that was kind of funky

It was about a man who smuggled a furry little monkey

This monkey was smuggled by a Peruvian male

Passengers found it perched up on his ponytail

That furry little guy was harmless and cute

All he wanted to eat was insects and fruit

He didn't make a sound, he didn't make a cackle

And thank goodness it was a monkey and not a jackal

Spirit Airlines is the epitome of "nickel and dime"

But they missed getting an extra charge this time

On Spirit you don't get peanuts or even a biscotti

But this monkey was well behaved and was not naughty 

That monkey was hidden well underneath his hat

You really can't do that with a stubborn maine coon cat

This is how this primate rose to his short lived fame

"Spirit" became the monkey's new nickname

I'm not sure what happened to him but I do have a clue

Rumor has it he ended up being dropped off at a New York zoo

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24 janv.

Not a monkey!!! 😂

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