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The Chronicles of LaGuardia Part III (The Muji-cian and Her Owner)

Updated: Feb 12

In 2021, a cat named Muji spent 11 days in the ceiling at the New York Laguardia airport. Her owner opened her crate to take her through security and Muji freaked out and hid in the ceiling for 11 days. Finally, a golden retriever named Abby helped find Muji in the ceiling and she was reunited with her distressed owner. 

There was a scaredy-cat who was a muji-ician

To find that cat some volunteers had to go on a mission

At TSA security her owner opened up Muji's little crate

Then that cat bolted and did not even wait

First she bit her owner and made a hissing sound

I guess even cats don't like TSA pat downs

She leaped across the Southwest Airlines counter

Then she went up in the ceiling and that's where they found her

People kept calling Muji saying, "Here kitty kitty"

But that kitty wasn't wanting to leave New York City

Muji went into freak out mode and was full of fright 

They should have tried to find her with a laser light 

That owner was crying, panicked and having a cow

When all she could hear in the ceiling was a faint meow

Finally they sent a dog into the ceiling who was named Abby

With finding Muji she didn't do too shabby

Curiosity killed the cat or so they say

But this cat almost died running away from TSA

This owner knows now if she doesn't want an 11 day delay

Put a harness on your cat because cats never obey

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