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The Chronicles of LaGuardia Part V (The Voyage of the Mental Health Treader)

In November 2023, a passenger was arrested after attempting to breach the cockpit onboard a flight heading from Omaha to New York LaGuardia. He began yelling "God is real" and talking about demons. He then jumped from his seat and pounded on the cockpit doors attempting to open them. 

On a flight to LaGuardia a passenger had a fit

He then went forward and tried to breach the cockpit

On this New York bound flight things got a little wild

As he yelled "God is real" and then ran down the aisle

Why did he do it? I don't know all his reasons

But he was yelling something about having demons

You could say the devil was in the details 

This LaGuardia bound flight went off the rails

This passenger in all his excitement and zeal

Probably didn't convince anyone that God is real

Those poor passengers got more than what they saw

But the worst part for them is they got stuck in Omaha

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