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The Chronicles of LaGuardia Part VI (Prince Cab-scamian and the Bums of the Baggage Claim)

If you ever visit the LaGuardia baggage claim 

You might see a driver with a fake taxi name 

Before you jump in that car with that goober 

You might want to verify he truly is an Uber

You have to pick out the drivers that are shady

Because LGA baggage claim has turned into Haiti

In the baggage claim homeless people you will be meeting 

I've heard at LaGuardia they are bathing and sleeping

One homeless man said " Hey, the airport has no bed bugs"

And probably unlike the mission it has no drugs 

He said "I just sit around and watch CNN all day"

To him it's much better than an Extended Stay

One homeless man said he had been sleeping there for years

He said "most people here are homeless, they are my peers"

These homeless wash their filthy clothes in plain view 

You'll see homeless, ride scams and then your flight crew 

If you visit LaGuardia give me a report of what you see 

You'll see what I'm talking about at the carousel at Terminal B

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