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The Cost of Worship

Look there's a worship night

Ok sure let's go

No, uh hold on wait

There's a cost you know

Are you kidding me?

Now I'm disappointed

I really can't afford it

I won't get anointed

I'll try to be nice

But let me be blunt

It's over $500

To sit in the front

For those paying that

Who can afford to hear it

Do you get a prayer cloth

And get baptized in the Spirit?

I know it's good music

It brings a good feeling

But for that crazy price

I better get a healing

Look with my $500

I'll get 5 months at the gym

I'd rather stay home

And praise God with a hymn

I know it costs less

To sit in the nose bleeds

I guess you can purchase

As the Spirit leads

Can you imagine Jesus

Before He gave a speech?

If He sold tickets

To come hear Him preach

In our current culture

Greed is no stranger

In today's modern church

We still find money changers

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