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The Days of Noah

Let's reminisce about a story of old About a tenacious man who was so bold Men scorned, ridiculed and mocked They laughed at Noah while he talked But by faith Noah built the ark

He spoke to them warning after warning He pleaded with them morning after morning Yet they mocked in the shadow of the ark Before the rain fell and sky grew dark But by faith Noah built the ark

They shut their eyes, thought he was extreme Thought he was blinded by a dream They ignored him and sealed their fate And when the rain fell it was too late But Noah was safe in the ark

When the rains fell, the ark was lifted Outside remained all the wicked And in our present world of crisis Will God still find some righteous? In these days of Noah

See you don't have to travel to Turkey To gaze upon God's ark of mercy You don't have to build a large boat To walk with God and stay afloat In these days of Noah

What will you and I become? Like Noah will we live for the One? The earth will soon be shaken to the core Soon God Himself will shut the door In these days of Noah

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