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The Devil's Advocate

(Lil Nas X and his selling of Satan's shoes)

Depravity on a different level Soliciting shoes for the devil A corrupt rapper who knows no shame He's pleased to meet you, can you guess his name?

In these crazy times dealing with a virus Now there are Satan's shoes on Miley Cyrus Showing off her Nikes, she thinks they are special Yet she's always been running with the devil

On the news appears Lil Nasterdamus Free shipping for Satan he may promise Yes Lil Nas is a little fool Yet so many think Satan is cool

Why aren't people a little more cautious? These shoes make me a lil nauseous Who is buying these shoes for joggin From Lil Nas who has a lil noggin?

Selling out to evil is Lil Nas Turning upside down the cross But even fools like him will know You will always reap what you sow

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