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The Dried Up Brook

God led Elijah to a brook

Out of His divine care

God had commanded the ravens

They delivered food there

Eventually, the brook dried up

And God sent a fresh word

God directed to Zarephath

He obeyed when he heard

God provided as he obeyed

A widow took him in

Miraculous supply

Elijah encountered again

With our journey into God's will

Let's closely take a look

Some start hearing the voice of God

Then wait in a dried brook

They started out seeing God move

But they never moved on

Miracles slowly disappeared

That fresh word is now gone

They search for water but it's dry

Looking at the parched ground

The ravens don't bring any meat

Only silence they've found

The dried up brook is comfortable

Sitting there all alone

But do not let that dried up brook

Become your very own

Move by faith into the new thing

Put His perfect will first

God will bless your obedience

And He will quench your thirst

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