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The Dry Bones of America

Welcome to the land of liberty

Divided land of hostility

Freedom fades which seems strange

Land of liberty begins to change

Former dreams pass in the night 

Of America the beacon light

Echoes ring of the voices past

How long will America last?

Knowing now, knowing then

Knowing God calls once again 

For America through all the years

Weep my friend with your tears 

History tells of that great light

America had once shown so bright 

Foolishly lost, spiritually poor

Imploring God to move once more 

Politicians have their plans

Voices of fools, voices of man

They take our freedom, can't you tell?

Pushing forth agendas of hell

Turning back on God's commands

Yet God still extends His hands

Soon will come trials, the land will shake

But through it all people will awake

The bald eagle, the emblem of our nation

Now with broken wings of isolation

Remember in the ashes and in the smoke

Dry bones lived when God spoke

No more will they keep us down

God comes to shake this ground

In the darkness a rattling begins

See a godly remnant rises again 

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