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The Encircled City

What has happened to Indianapolis?

Has it become like Minneapolis? 

To the druggies they've lost the battle 

Now it feels like Portland or Seattle 

It seems Indy has reached a new low

It has a strange vibe like San Francisco 

Is it even safe to ride on a bus?

It feels like Chicago has come to us 

I know it's not the worst city around

But what has happened to our downtown?

I guess we could ask the Indianapolis' mayor

But he's just a poser, he's just a player 

You will not find answers from this mayor

You will get a lot further with some prayer 

Indianapolis, the circle city 

What a shame, what a pity

The circle city has been encircled 

The obstscles have not been hurdled

In this record year of homicides

In going downtown you decide 


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