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The Evan-jelly-full Church

The Evan-jelly-full Church

In the church as a whole

We've become evanjellyfull

Sweet treats we do provide

Doughnuts with jelly inside

Preached sermons incomplete

Full of sugar and little meat

No conviction the message brings

Leaving out the harder things

To encourage and to inspire

But on the altar no fire

Light topics we like covering

But avoid the call of suffering

Sin is mentioned but not specific

Eternal results are not terrific

Content with this beautiful facade

But yet we lack the fear of God

Messages spoken so gently

Services so seeker friendly

God's presence we can't expect

When we've become politically correct

Why is the message so soft we bring?

Are we just concerned about offerings?

Bright lights and fog machines

But where is God on the scene?

Are doughnuts the church's mission?

With jelly inside and no nutrition?

The evanjellyfull church is the new norm

Not hot or cold but only lukewarm

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