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The Evolution of the Starbucks Labor Shortage in 21 Days

Day #1 Everything open but long lines and missing many food items

Day #2 Drive thru and mobile ordering only, can't sit in chairs even if waiting for drink

Day#3 Drive thru only and 50 minute wait, not worth the wait for a below average croissant.

Day #4 Closed all day for no apparent reason. People circling the parking lot like vultures over and over

Day #5 New hours 9-2 Monday thru Sunday. People banging on the door at 7am have a panic attack.

Day #6 Closed again for no apparent reason

Day #7 Open again for no apparent reason

Day #8 Closed again for no apparent reason

Day #9 Starbucks employees get a $2 an hour raise. Still closed

Day #10 Drive thru only and hours change to only being open from 12-2pm. Customers yell at teenage employees about reduced open hours. Teenage employees go home early and take mental health day off.

Day #11 An employee gets covid and store shuts down for a week

Day #12 I give up and decide to try out Dunkin Donuts. I regret decision, note to self donut go back

Day #12 I'm absolutely desperate so I decide to go to McDonald's, not Mcliken it. Got the Mcgirgles

Day #13 Tries out Gas station coffee while I pay to put air in my tires. I get mad about paying for air in my tires but I guess that's inflation for you.

Day #14 Tried other option in going to Tarbucks in Target. I wore a red shirt there and got offered a job.

Day #15 Tried last option going to Krobucks in Kroger. Drinks are made wrong by well meaning Grandmas. I don't like that a latte.

Day #16 Purchases an espresso machine. Too much work. I try going back to Starbucks but hours have changed from 4:30pm-5pm and drive thru only

Day #17 I open my own coffee shop. Can't find employees. Too many staying home playing Fortnight.

Day #18 Someone gets covid, shuts down new business

Day #19 Finally, I apply at Starbucks, gets job

Day #20 Starbucks closes for no apparent reason

Day #21 Gives up coffee

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