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The First Phase of Obeying God

The First Phase of Obeying God

When Moses obeyed God at first

Circumstances changed from bad to worse

When he obeyed, Israel only saw

They had to search for their own straw

Questioning God was in the mix

God did not provide any magic bricks

Moses had the word, he had the vision But at first no one would listen

Pharoah saw signs but mocked his word

Israel thought Moses was absurd

When you step out and obey the Lord Sometimes at first you will be ignored

You cannot stop but keep on walking

Though a Pharoah keeps on mocking

Though your followers are just a few God watches what you choose to do

Will we let opinions hinder us?

Will we go back to the wilderness?

Miracles happen if we don't quit If we will believe, if we submit

At first obeying God may get tougher

And the word may cause you to suffer

But hold on by faith and press on through

Then you will see what God will do

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