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The Gas Station

Inspired by the 1940 Edward Hopper painting "Gas"

At the end of the road

A place of isolation

In the middle of nowhere 

There sits a gas station

A time of uncertainty

Like never before

In the year 1940

The nation at war

You can hear the crickets

Chirping from the trees

You can see the sign sway

You can feel the light breeze

The cows in the distance

You can hear them bellow

The blue sky above

Turns orange and yellow

A man shuts down the pumps

He locks up for the night 

He is lost in his thoughts

As he shuts off the lights 

This sharp dressed man

With a future uncertain

He grabs the gas pumps

Feeling life's burdens

This place of seclusion 

Outskirts of society

The attendant holds within

A future of anxiety

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