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The Gassed Geese

In Sandpoint, Idaho, of June 2023, 170 Canadian geese were gassed due to them pooping on a public beach and creating a public health hazard. 

At one point, the city of Sandpoint consulted with Geese Peace, a goose management company. Everything they tried to get the geese off the beach didn't work so they were gassed. 

The goose was gassed 

The gassed were geese 

Those geese in Sandpoint 

Were gassed and are deceased

The golden goose is gone

The geese have croaked

Under that geese gas 

The geese have choked 

One little goosey went to the market

One little goosey stayed home 

One little goosey was gassed 

Because on a beach he would roam

Those geese had pooped

All over the public beach

So they called for help

They called Geese Peace

But Geese Peace didn't help

They couldn't work together 

Now with the gassed geese

All that is left is feathers 

The golden goose was gassed

You won't see him no more 

But one other thing you won't see

Well is poo poo on that shore 

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