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The Golden Throne

Four men were charged with stealing a golden toilet entitled "America" while on display at Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill's birthplace. It was eighteen carat gold and valued at almost 6 million dollars. 

In the birth place of Churchill

Some thieves were bold 

They stole a golden toilet 

It was eighteen carat gold

Yes Churchill led Britain

To victory in World War 2

But then some thought to honor him

With an expensive golden loo

It was strangely titled "America"

I guess it was for their amusement 

And I'm sure people would think on that

As they sat and had a bowel movement 

An eighteen carat gold toilet 

I wonder who paid that bill

It is strange with that golden throne 

To honor Winston Churchill 

Those four men were arrested 

It was written in the daily journal.

But I just have to wonder

Is there also a golden urinal?

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