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The Hall of Faith

Hebrews 11

Through faith they obtained

Through faith they subdued

Through faith they worked righteousness 

Through faith they were renewed

The weak became valiant

Quenched the violence of fire

They stopped the mouths of lions

Through faith they rose higher

Humbly walking with God

Not bowing down to Caesar

One man was named Enoch

He was a true God pleaser

There was Noah and Moses

And Joseph and Abraham

And Sarah's faith was mentioned

Her faith caused her to stand

There was Isaac and Jacob

And David and Samuel

Stepping out by faith

They let God have control

Faith dwelt in their hearts

A heavenly deposit

Like Gideon and Samson

And all of the prophets

Remember lowly Rahab

The faith of this harlot

Protected in Jericho

By a cord of scarlet

Women received their dead

Raised to life again

Moses chose affliction over

The passing pleasures of sin

Many of them were tortured

Their common lot was rejection

They did not accept deliverance

Waiting for a better resurrection

Some believers were stoned

Others were sawn in two

They wandered destitute 

But by faith they stayed true

Trials of imprisonment 

Others were put in chains

But through their humble faith

They made supernatural gains

Some were tormented

Afflicted in their journey

But of their humble faith 

The world was not worthy

There is evidence unseen

But true faith is not phony

Through it they obtained 

An even greater testimony

They conquered and overcame

On this hard earthly sod

For they knew without faith 

It is impossible to please God

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