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The Hero of Lexington

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

(Samuel Whittmore, the oldest colonial combatant of the Revolutionary War)

The year was 1775 A farmer with the heart of a lion Somehow escaped alive To fear he did not buy in

At age 78 he hid behind a wall Bold, brave and not skittish Grabbed his musket and stood tall Took out three of the British

One man versus them all He took no thought of his age Refused to hide behind the wall A highlight on freedom's page

Shot in the face and bayoneted Slashed up to 13 times as he bled He gave his all and had no regrets In his pool of blood left for dead

They said his wounds they could not fix But this bold lion had some fight He lived 18 more years to age 96 He was a light that burned so bright

A brave soldier of a different generation Whittmore, at 78, gave all for our nation

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