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The Hippo-crites at Lake Maxine

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Hear the left throw their fits Hungry hungry hippo-crites From the north and the south Hypocrisy spoken from their mouth

In the Waters see their eyes On the news hear their lies See them rise from the river The evil that makes you shiver

The Waters have been stirred Inciting violence so absurd In the waters of Lake Maxine There the mob I have seen

One question about the mob How many of them don't have jobs? Watch your back and look around What new city will they burn down?

Seeds of hate they are planting At Lake Maxine don't go camping Hippos wander through this campground Easy to spot and hear their sound

Double standard is ok for them But when others speak they condemn Yet they believe they are concealed But soon they will be revealed

Believing they are hidden in their lies But in the Waters we see their eyes

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