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The "Impossible" in Loberia

The story of when God moved in the town of Loberia, Argentina 

It was 1955 in the nation of Argentina

In that dark hour God showed up in the arena

Over the darkness God revealed Himself to be superior

In the town of 20,000 named Loberia

The name Loberia means "wolf's den"

The gospel for years here had been rejected by men

Here God had spoken to an evangelistic foreigner

To go to a place of witches, mediums and sorcerers 

The town appeared hopeless and his team looked like fools

For sorcery in Loberia they had twelve schools 

No evangelical group had ever prospered here 

The few Christians in Loberia lived there in fear

Two missionary ladies there said something odd

They said their town was even too difficult for God

To the evangelist these ladies had made it clear 

They said it is "impossible" to have converts here 

This young man would not let unbelief get him down

He knew God had spoken to him to go to that town

When all this man heard from Christians was "impossible"

He still believed the Red Sea was crossable


In obedience this man stepped out by God's leading 

Into the "impossible" he kept on proceeding 

Words of negativity and defeat were spoken again

Then a holy anger arose in him from deep within

He would not take his calling to this town lightly 

He asked, "Is anything too difficult for the Almighty?"

He told the Christians who were defeated and down

"We will go and rent the largest building in town"

The words of hell were spoken each night 

But he had the Spirit, he had come to fight

He stepped out by faith to rent the largest building 

To mortgage all he owned he was willing 

There was a large theater in town he tried to rent 

But the manager said you will never have my consent 

The manager said "On second hand what do you want to rent it for?"

That's when Jesus came and opened this closed door 

He explained why he wanted to have the meeting

It would be for a crusade for salvation and for healing 

The manager then shared of one time he had prayed 

He began to share with them how God gave him aid

Some time ago the manager was in a horrible condition

He had an incurable respiratory affliction 

One day of his suffering he began to recall

He was slumped over on a sidewalk against a wall

He felt like he was going to perish right there 

But God even heard this unbelieving man's prayer

At that moment something flashed in his head 

Of a Readers Digest story two months ago he had read

It was a story of when God healed a man and heard his plea

He thought, "If God did that for him, can't He do that for me?"

He prayed and he said something happened he can't explain 

Strength came into him and the fever left with all of the pain

He then gave them favor and didn't think twice 

He said "I will rent it to you for a week at one nights price"

Jubiliantly they left knowing God had not left them alone

God had answered and removed the first stone


However the police would not support this gospel mission

They said "we will arrest you if this crusade comes to fruition"

But still in obedience this man continued to walk

He said, "if you want to arrest me the meeting starts at 8 oclock"

It seemed all of hell's legions began to laugh and mock

But he stood on the Word and on that solid rock 

On the first meeting night only three people came 

But still the gospel truth they would proclaim 

At the end of the service he asked if anyone needed prayer 

One man said, "My uncle needs healing in a hospital over there

Please pray over this shirt and I will place it on him"

His uncle was dying and his condition looked grim

The second meeting night was more of the same 

To that vacant theater only eight brave souls came 

At the end of the service he asked to pray for the sick 

One woman asked him to pray for a relative quick

She handed him a cloth to pray over in her time of need

The evangelist pleaded with God and as he would intercede 

The third night nothing seemed to happen again 

They were discouraged and began to call out from within

They cried out, "Lord did you not send us here?"

Will you not intervene? Will you not come near?

Unbeknownst to them God was already moving 

Healings were happening, people were confirming 

The uncle prayed for was healed from that first meeting

He was being kept alive by intravenous feedings

For eight days he had been unable to even swallow water 

But God did something when there was no hope from a doctor 

The nurse placed the anointed handkerchief on his chest 

Suddenly the Lord healed this man and did the rest 

The next morning the man coughed up two large cysts

The Lord showed even among three people He was in their mist

These large cysts had been obstructing his throat

The man could instantly eat again they would note

And the man who was taken the cloth they were unaware

He was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair

He hadn't been able to walk for five whole years

God was working though it looked like He disappeared

The man jumped up and ran around in great joy

The enemy's works the Lord had come to destroy 

News of these healings spread like a prairie fire

God showed He responds to those who will inquire 

Soon after these healings the theater was filled

The church of the living God Jesus will bulid

People came in busloads from the other towns 

Thousands came to visit those revival grounds 

Demonic emissaries fled in disorderly array

In spiritually barren Loberia God had His way

Sorcerers said they couldn't call up their spirits anymore 

Revival in Loberia people could not ignore 

What had looked like a disappointing defeat 

Behind the scenes that is where God would meet 

I can see why God moved and did not delay

Because one humble man simply would obey

He was faithful to have a meeting with just three people 

He believed God in a place controlled by evil 

When we are faithful to obey God then He intervenes 

He worked in Loberia even behind the scenes

To have childlike faith in Him we are responsible 

Then He will show us He is the God of the "impossible"

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