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The Least of These

(Matthew 25:31-46)

We can spend our life in church

Or spend time on our knees

But what have we done 

For the least of these? 

Have we fed the hungry?

Or visited the sick 

Have we missed our chances

Because we were too quick

Have we clothed the naked

Or visited those in prison

Have we shown by our actions 

That Jesus is risen?

The Samaritan stopped 

The priest walked by

The Levite ignored the man

They left him to die 

In the church today 

The Spirit still calls 

But many Christians just stay

Within the four walls 

We can worship and pray

These are important keys

But what have we done

For the least of these?

On this we will be judged 

Someday at His throne 

Have we reached out our hand

Or have we lived for self alone 

Around us are the hurting 

Around us are the lost 

Will God's love flow through us

Will we truly count the cost? 

When your race is run

And when your life is ended 

Will Jesus say to you and I

"You were my hand extended"

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