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The Masker Plan

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

One mask, two mask, three mask, four Will Dr.Fauci require anymore? How many masks can make a masker feel mad? And how many masks on my face can I add? Fauci says one but now he says two I don't think Fauci even has a clue

Now the land will be double masking Is anyone in the land double asking? With all these masks I can't tell who does meth But I am kind of glad people can't smell my breath He says two masks on my face will make me wiser? How about two masks with a visor?

Here a mask there a mask Everywhere a second mask mask Once twice three masks a lady And all with a mask on except Tom Brady One mask two mask three mask four Now I have a mask in every drawer

Early to bed and 2 masks on when you rise Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise? Now look at me I'm better than you I have three masks and you only have two I know that sounds holier than thou See the sweat pouring from my brow

Here as I hear Flip Flop Fauci I'm feeling more than a little grouchy Ok let's get some goggles like Dr. Birx said And then put on two masks like I read And let's wear these with no one in our car And let's wear a chem suit near and far

The madness and stupidity does not end His reasoning I cannot comprehend You may think I'm an anti-masker But I'm really just a question asker Asking a question that seems legit At two masks will he finally quit?

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