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The Mu Variant

This mu variant could be scary

That's why I'm avoiding all dairy

I'm still trying to live the dream

But does mu spread through ice cream?

These crazy variants we don't lack

Will the next one be called "Quack"?

Help me understand, tell me please

Is Mu related to mad cow disease?

This name "mu" sure sounds strange

Is it related to climate change?

I wonder about this variant that's new

Does it actually make you go "moo"?

If I hear people "moo" I guess it's no harm

But will it sound like Old McDonald's Farm?

Time to Mu on over Delta Variant

Turn on the news to feel the hysteria

When I see cows out in a field

I will mask up and stay concealed

When I walk by I can ensure

I will double mask because of the manure

My only concern will be the flies

Will they spread mu through cow pies?

Then should I wear a full face shield

To protect from flies in that field?

I'm sure with mu all will be well

As long as I avoid the meat at Taco Bell

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