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The Necessity of Wind

The Biosphere 2 project was created as a research tool for scientists to study the Earth's living systems. From 1991 to 1993, 8 volunteers sealed themselves from the outside world in this Biosphere bubble. It is remembered as a failure. In the Biosphere 2, they had trees growing faster than they would in the wild. However, they found that these trees wouldn't completely mature. Before they could, they used to collapse. Later it was found that this was caused by the lack of wind in the biosphere. The presence of wind makes a tree stronger, it is thus able to mature and not fall down due to its own weight.

Biosphere 2 An enclosed region Tried to recreate The Garden of Eden Trees grew quick But never matured A failed experiment That never endured Weak trees enclosed Leaves had thinned Trees with no strength Because they had no wind Protected in a bubble Brought an end not good Beautiful but not strong Developed no stress wood We deal with contrary winds Adversity that seems wrong But don't forget its purpose Its purpose to make you strong At Biosphere 2 In all their pursuits They had beautiful trees Yet with shallow roots We go through valleys We go through trials Some can be long And go on for miles But roots are developed When the wind blows Through those blistering gusts The weak tree grows Making you stronger Is God's master plan And in that wind Is where strength began

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