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The Not So Best Western

Based on true events at the Best Western in Huntersville, North Carolina

I stayed at a Best Western but it was not the best 

It was not a luxury stay compared to all the rest

$89 a night, wow what a great deal!

But why it was so cheap it would soon be revealed 

I checked into my room and you can be certain

There were blood splatters on that shower curtain

There's rain on the scarecrow and blood on the plow

But in my bathroom there is also blood in my shower

I don't want to make a big deal about something small

But someone also wiped boogers all over the room wall 

Look you may say this isn't something major 

Yet these boogers were wiped next to the toilet paper 

So these boogers I would try to ignore

But then I found a huge spider on the floor

So much noise in the hall I needed ear plugs

But when I got in my bed there were little black bugs 

I went and complained to the desk lady 

Then I went and ate some biscuits and gravy

But then the hot bar for breakfast completely broke

I thought staying here is some kind of joke 

I'm really not trying to sound meaner 

But someone really needs to train these cleaners

Maybe someone can talk to their boss

Because I shouldn't have to sleep in my socks

Yes this Best Western was not that great 

But it's not like I booked a stay at a Super 8

This is my lesson and what I was taught 

Next time pay extra and stay at the Marriot 

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