• Edward Riederich

The Persecuted Church in Laos

One local pastor said, "the police screamed at me and got angry with me and tried to force me to deny Jesus. In my mind I was praying 'God please forgive these police and please work in their hearts.' "

Come hear of the persecuted church

In the nation of Laos

They come destroy their small churches 

And they burn down their house

Christians flee into the forest

Try to rebuild their lives

Even now these strong believers 

In suffering still thrive

The underground church has challenge

A fight for survival

But still the government can't stop

This hidden revival 

They will stand in adversity

Not giving way to fear

They refuse to deny Jesus

So that others may hear 

In the middle of great trials

They haven't lost their voice

The persecuted church of Laos

For God have made their choice 

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