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The Prayer Life of Asa

2 Chronicles 15 and 16

Asa prayed when the prophet would prod

Asa prayed and sought after God

Asa prayed in turmoil and struggle

Asa cried out to God in his trouble

In this hopeless dire situation

As nations were destroying nations

Asa's heart deep within was stirred

The king embraced the prophetic word

To Asa the prophet would speak

He said do not let your hands be weak

Asa rose up and took his stand

He removed the idols in the land

This call to prayer was not ignored

Israel sacrificed to the Lord

To seek God they made a covenant

The whole nation and the government

They cried out to God with a loud voice

Each one took seriously their choice

Obscene images were cut down

In desperation the Lord was found

But when void of the prophetic

Asa's heart became apathetic

The king trusted in the strength of man

In doing so he forsook God's plan

Under pressure his faith would fold

Asa paid off Syria with gold

Hanani came and took his stand

The Syrians have escaped your hand

The consequences were closed doors

Asa now would forever have wars

Prayerlessness was his transgression

He sadly turned to oppression

Then before his life was complete

He got a disease in his feet

But one thing that I always find odd

He did not return to seeking God

He only sought after physicians

He never looked at his condition

In previous battles he prevailed

But in the end he had failed

Do not wait for trouble and strife

Or for a prophet to prod your ife

Passing the test, it will depend

Not your beginning but at your end

Loyal to God how can you be sure?

Seeking God is the way to endure

Will you be faithful in this one thing?

Or will you end like Asa the king

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