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The Prayer of Jabez

I Chronicles 4:10- And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, "Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory that your hand would be with me, and that you would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain." So God granted him what he requested. 

There is a prayer that moves me in what it says 

It's the prayer of an unknown man named Jabez 

Jabez never sat upon a royal throne 

He was just a common man that was unknown

He called on God to change his own story 

He prayed "God please enlarge my territory" 

In all his pursuits and in all his requests 

He petitioned and asked that he would be blessed 

Jabez looked for his God among the people 

He asked the Lord to keep him from evil 

He did not ask for riches or for great gain

He asked the Lord that he would not cause pain 

The name of Jabez means trouble and sorrow

He would not let this label affect tomorrow

In the Hebrew his name means "to cause pain"

He would not be bound by this invisible chain

It was a humble prayer by an unknown man

It changed his trajectory and his plan

May we pray the prayer of Jabez today 

Then watch God answer and transform our way

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