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The Rear of the Aircraft

I wrote this last summer but thought someone out there in Facebook world might like this one.

Based on true events

Looking out the window of this A319 I think the guy in front of me ate too many beans The rear of the aircraft l chose to be But I now I deal with the rear from 23C

Can I light a candle to keep me sane? Oh yeah we can't, we are on a plane I need to breathe! I need some air! Smelling so bad, pulling out out my hair

Come on this guy sitting in seat 23c Needs to use the bathroom NOW you see I'm smelling sewer through my mask Do I nudge him? Do I ask?

Wow, this A319 really reeks! Do I call 811 to report a gas leak? The only thing I think can fix it Is to somehow open this emergency exit

How I wish I paid for first class Then I would not smell this gas Does anyone else smell what I'm smelling? Is anyone else writing the poem I'm telling?

I cant take anymore of this scent Thank God we started our descent Hurry captain get us on the ground! This silent but deadly has no sound

The captain just lowered the landing gear Soon I will be saved from this aircraft rear On flying etiquette please be wiser And scrub his seat with sanitizer

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