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The Road to Ossenburg

In 1945, God protected a group of soldiers on their way to Ossenburg, Germany. He sent a cloud to protect them from enemy fire. One soldier named Spencer January, who served in the Army's 35th infantry, found that God heard his prayers. 

Psalm 91:"You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day."

There was a soldier named Spencer in World War 2

He was in danger and didn't know what to do

Forcing his way through the dense German forest

He prayed, "Oh God please do not ignore us"

It took hours to get through this jungle like terrain

They came to a clearing where many others were slain

By the clearing there was a large stone house

He thought of his five month old and his spouse

In the distance German machine guns blasted away

They were out of range so they began to pray

As they surveyed the land it became sobering

They would be in range if they crossed the opening

To get out of harm's way they had to cross the clearing

The nests of German machine guns they were fearing

Their only hope was a miracle from God

If they were to attempt to cross that open field of sod

In Spencer's anxious mind an elderly woman he would see

She was an old prayer warrior named Mrs. Tankersly

In that moment all he could think about was her prayers

How he needed them now in his current affairs

Suddenly, Spencer fell down on his knees

Praying passionately, "O God do something please"

Immediately it was clear God was hearing 

A huge white cloud appeared over the clearing


God responded to Spencer's words from his lips

The white cloud shielded them like an eclipse

The Germans could not see where to fire

God intervened in a situation that was so dire

The soldiers took off like runners in a race

The cloud covered each of them in that perilous place

Just as the last soldier in their division made it across 

The cloud disappeared but no life was lost

It was truly a supernatural intervention

Spencer's humble prayer got God's attention

This story of Spencer even gets better

A short time later he received a letter 

His mother wrote him about that Mrs. Tankersly

How this woman felt led to pray on bended knee

This woman heard God in Spencer's struggle

God said, "Get up right now, Spencer is in trouble"

She prayed hard and she prayed out loud

"Wherever Spencer is at please cover him with a cloud"

His mother relayed the time this woman prayed for them

She said Mrs. Tankersly felt led to pray at 6am

As Spencer read his mother's letter he began to shake

He knew God had caused Mrs. Tankersly to awake

God had heard and intervened in that very hour

He showed He answers and displayed His power

As Spencer held that letter and shed forth his tears

He vowed to pray in the morning for the rest of his years

He prayed for his family and for many others

All because of that letter from his mother

When it looks to us like the enemy has won

Hold onto those faithful words of Psalm 91

Though trouble and hardship in our life can be allowed

There is a God who still knows how to send a cloud

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