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The Salvation of Bob Scott

I heard about a man, his name was Bob Scott

Throughout the years it has moved my heart a lot

Years ago in an emergency room in Los Angeles

God used two unknown willing evangelists

Bob Scott was in his early 40's dying of cancer

But Jesus sent messengers to him with an answer

Bob had lived a lonely and miserable life

He had not seen his daughters and was separated from his wife

Bob was in a coma and expected to die that night 

But through two nurses God would shine forth His light 

They went to see him on a Friday night at 10 o'clock

Bob was unresponsive and he could not talk

These nurses didn't speak to him, they only prayed 

Then Jesus moved because they had obeyed

They prayed, "Nothing for you Lord is too difficult

Bring him out of a coma, please do a miracle"

They went back to work for the rest of their shift

Afterwards, they went back to see him, God granted them a gift

He came out of a coma and they were beyond excited

Jesus entered that room because He was invited

Bob had a "death look" and was clearly in pain

In his room for three hours they would remain

They would gently stroke his hands, arms and face

They allowed themselves to be instruments of grace

They began to tell him about God's great love

How He sent His one and only Son from above

They prayed "A little longer Lord keep him alive

His broken spirit we pray please revive"

They shared the gospel as clearly as they could

Bob rejected it even though he had understood

He was nice about it but he did not believe

But in the that room Jesus would still not leave

On Sunday they went and spent with Bob three hours

That is when Jesus gave Bob an encounter

Bob pulled them close and kissed the backs of their hands

He was moved they spent time with this stranger of a man

He said "If two girls will spend time with a man they never knew

Then God must truly love me, it must be true"

He accepted Jesus right there in that place

They said an indescribable peace came over his face

Something glorious happened on that very night 

The nurses said they saw over Bob a halo of light 

In Bob Scott's amazing salvation story

The nurses said they believed it was the Shekinah glory

They were filled with joy as they sat with him and cried

It was only 20 minutes later that Bob Scott died

Bob had rejected the priest and Protestant chaplain

But God took common people to make it happen

Ten years later a woman told one of the nurses on that spot

"Hey you're one of the girls who spent time with Bob Scott"

She said the whole staff had been deeply affected 

With the time two nurses talked to Bob and connected

All because they took time to share the love of Jesus

When we do this God responds to us and sees us

There is a person for us God wants to lead us to

To bring the power of God to them into full view

There is a Bob Scott for each of us in our community 

Will we go to them or forever miss the opportunity?

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