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The Seven Vertically Challenged Non-Unionized Miners

At the name "dwarfs" people get jumpy

Changing it to "shrimps" can make some grumpy

The word police come doing their duty

Soon they will change Sleeping Beauty

I think they should change Snow White

Because that would be racist and not right

How can these wrong words be fixed?

Maybe changing it to Snow Mixed

I thought of maybe going with Snow Night

But the problem is snow is still white

To write this poem I'm a little bashful

I'm trying my best to remain tactful

I know this task won't be easy

Especially changing the name of Mr. Sneezy

That could offend someone with Corona

When they sneeze it could affect their persona

This whole wokeism sure is hokey

People pushing it are really dopey

Today people are offended and snappy

Probably offended by the dwarf Happy

And what about good ole Doc

He's the leader they have to block

I'm fine if you change the name Sleepy

I've always thought that dwarf was Creepy

Changing these names seems so bold

But to most of us it's getting old

I guess put Snow White on a shelf

We don't want to have an angry elf

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