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The Stanley Cup

A 23 year old woman in Sacramento was arrested for stealing over $3000 of Starbucks Stanley cups. 

Some lady stole some tumblers and was a little dopey

At first I thought she stole an NHL hockey trophy

At Target she threw them in her cart and then she left

Then she was pulled over and charged with grand theft

She threw all these tumblers in the trunk of her car

Then she drove off fast but did not get very far

She had tumblers in her car worth over 3000 bucks

But when the cops pulled her over she was out of luck

Can you imagine what she would say to other prisoners in jail

She would have to explain her crime and go into detail

Hey are you locked up for robbery or selling drugs

Actually no I'm in her because I stole a bunch of mugs

I guess she would have to tell this to her kids someday

That she stole a bunch of mugs to go sell on Ebay

In stopping crime and drugs we seem to slumber

But no one escapes with a Starbucks tumbler

Yes you might get away with rioting in the streets

But no one is taking a Starbucks tumbler without a receipt

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1 Comment

Jan 26

That’s so true!!

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