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The Streets of Tehran

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

(The persecuted Christian church of Iran)

Join me and walk the streets of Tehran If you listen intently you will hear a song And in the whispers of the wind You can hear the cries once again

If you can gaze out a little higher Across walls topped with barbed wire Through the walls of windowless cells In the Evin prison, a place of hell

In this prison year after year Known for torture and for fear This underworld of destitution Constant floggings and executions

Across the way in Building 209 Prisoners morale does decline Under an intense cruel burden Sleeping under blankets of urine

Constant threats and accusations Under continual interrogations You will find a people all around You will find the church of the underground

Yet their suffering turns into strength Willing to suffer at any length Under pressure beyond measure But still Jesus is their treasure

And as the dust blows through Tehran If you listen closely you will hear a song And in the whispers of the wind You will hear their testimonies rise again

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