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The Tipping Point

Everyone wants a tip now 

Not sure what is up with that

I understand tipping the servers 

But now it is tip for tat

It seems in America 

We've reached the tipping point 

It is trendy to requests tips now

At almost every service joint 

Those few questions they ask 

I have now come to dread

They even ask us for tips

At Chipotle and Panera Bread

It's happening everywhere 

All across our great nation

We have become the victims 

Of this dreaded tip-flation

Yes it has become annoying 

It borders on the absurd

We have finally reached 

The tip of the iceberg 

Are there really a "few" questions

Look I have a suggestion 

Maybe they should just say one

Because there's only "one" question

Tips before I get my coffee 

Even if they are not fast 

Soon they will even want tips

Before I pump my gas 

Even staying at a hotel

I find an envelope in my room

I'm guessing it's for tipping

That I can safely assume

Can someone please tell me

Is it my tipping duty

Do I need to give a tip

For a $12 smoothie

If you go to see a movie 

And order a $10 popcorn

They will expect a tip for that

Or you might endure their scorn

I went to a Pacers game 

I saw the new tipping model

They petitioned me for a tip

When I bought a water bottle 

I heard of a car that broke down

The poor guy was out of luck

He was even asked for a tip

When he paid for the tow truck

Soon they will be asking me

For tips when I see the dentist

I have heard of some places asking

For tips for the hygienist 

The elephant in the room

We really cannot ignore

How about these employers

Just pay their employees more 

With all this stupid tipping

We have gone off the rails 

Now there is no going back 

They have forever tipped the scales

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