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The Valley We Descend

(In response to the poem "The Hill We Climb" recited at the Inaguration)

Through the hourglass of time rang out the words "The Hill we Climb" Those words to the forefront did ascend. And to those words my ears did bend

Words to our nation yet, a shallow sound, not breaking up any fallow ground Give the writer a pen and they will write, but with their words can they give us sight?

In perilous times we need more than the poetic, we need a message of substance, something prophetic For awhile "The Hill we Climb" did trend, but now hear my words "The Valley we Descend"

A border crisis, inflation and taxes. At the trees of justice are laid the axes The blame game couldn't be any dumber. Too many playing the victim, too few overcomers

Murder and violence in our cities and for the child in the womb no pity Evil is called good and good is called evil and all around us unrest and upheaval

The sky is blackened as we descend. Can we now our ways amend? Righteousness we cannot pretend. Truth and liberty we must defend.

So the flag goes dark as we descend but yet the flag we still must extend Road of humility we will walk, not listening to the voices that mock

The valley will be long and it will be hard but our covenant with God we must guard Our nation has walked valleys before. We've gone through hardships. We've gone through war

A place of darkness and division, moving into a valley of decision May we continue a little longer. The dark valley will make us stronger

Our republic travels into this ravine, a place our country has never seen New struggles we haven't experienced before but we must remember Psalm 23:4

In this darkness we hear wicked voices. But we will be measured by each of our choices As you read these words let it sink in. Today will we find a modern day Lincoln?

The sands of the hourglass continue to fall. America's valley, America's call Enough from the elitists and the haters. We must turn back to our Creator

And in our grain of hourglass sand, for God and liberty may we stand For America's future we must contend through the valley we now descend

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