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The Way of the Cross

Jesus gave His life for me

It came at a great cost

His amazing love was revealed 

In His death upon the cross

I thanked Him and I praised Him

When I became born again

He gave my life a purpose 

He rescued me from my sin

I rejoiced walking with Him 

As I made that easy choice

I wanted to know Him more 

I needed to hear His voice 

But that is when He spoke to me

A word from His heart I found

He showed me my true calling 

A cross laying on the ground

I said Jesus what is this?

You previously paid the price 

Why is there another cross?

I thought just one would suffice

I began to look in His Word

And I saw Luke 9:23

Let each one take up his cross

If they desire to follow me

I said Jesus please hear me out

My flesh do I need to deny

I want to live for you Lord

But do I really have to die?

Lord I am not called to die

I am only called to live 

I believe that your precious life 

Is the only life to give 

He reminded me of Peter

His call was not just to preach 

He was crucified upside down

His arms would extend and reach

A Christian walk of sacrifice 

Where many will turn away

They want God but not the cross

So the price they will not pay

There was a kernel of wheat 

Mentioned in John 12:24

But if that kernel falls and dies

It will then produce much more 

I knelt down and grabbed hold

I embraced that cross of wood

I laid it high upon my back

I carried it like I should 

Bearing that cross was not easy

But this walk I would accept

I desired to bring Him glory

As I walked slowly step by step 

Heavier the cross became 

The journey long in its length

But I noticed something happened

The Spirit of God gave me strength 

Though it was uncomfortable 

There was a strength from above 

An inward knowing that nothing 

Can separate me from His love 

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